chemical cleaning vs chemical overhaul

Difference between Chemical Cleaning & Chemical Overhaul



A Chemical Wash Service is usually required under the following circumstances:

  • Remove persistent foul smell emitting from the aircon
  • Clean and remove all stubborn dirt, grime and fungi growth, particularly from inaccessible areas
  • Resolve serious aircon water leakage problem


Types of Chemical Wash Services

The next question is which type of Chemical Wash Service to choose from, namely

  • Chemical Cleaning
  • Chemical Overhaul


The key differences are:

  • Onsite Service and Offsite Service
  • Thoroughness of the Cleaning Process



  • Chemical Cleaning Service is usually carried out onsite (i.e. without removal from the wall or ceiling)
  • Chemical Overhaul is carried out offsite where the fan coil unit is removed from the wall or ceiling, and then fully dismantled to facilitate a thorough cleaning


Comparing the 2 cleaning services

  • Chemical Cleaning takes less time to complete
  • Chemical Overhaul takes a longer time to clean as it involves a more thorough and proper cleaning process.  This is possible only with the fan coil unit removed and fully disassembled (offsite) to facilitate a through chemical cleansing and treatment on the difficult to reach surfaces and disassembled parts.


Given the above reasons, Chemical Overhaul Is obviously

  • More expensive – costs 2 to 3 times more
  • Takes more time to complete the cleaning process – also 2 to 3 times longer


Chemical Overhaul Service

Under normal circumstances, Chemical Overhaul Service is highly recommended over Chemical Cleaning Service.  The main reason is that for Chemical Cleaning Service, it is not possible to conduct a thorough cleaning process of the hidden and inside parts of the fan coil unit. In fact, without dismantling the fan coil unit, the dirt, stain and grime will get even deeper and stubborn over time.  The chemical residues are also left behind as it is not possible to properly rinse away.  This may not be good for health and for the unit in the long run.


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