aircon service vs chemical overhaul

Difference between Aircon Service & Chemical Overhaul

Aircon Service vs Chemical Overhaul


Very often, one is confused over Aircon Service vs Chemical Overhaul:

Aircon Service

Aircon Service is also known as General Aircon Service or Normal Cleaning & Washing.  With periodic Aircon Service being carried out on a regular basis (i.e. Planned AC Maintenance), the following benefits will result:

  • Prolong life span of the AC unit and system
  • Improve cooling efficiency
  • Reduce power consumption
  • Prevent water leaking or dripping

Chemical Overhaul

In addition, Chemical Overhaul is required when some or all of the following problems arise:

  • Persistent foul smell emitting from the aircon
  • Need to clean and remove all stubborn stain, dirt, grime and fungi growth, particularly from inaccessible areas
  • Resolve serious aircon water leaking problem



The following list the general differences between Aircon Service and Chemical Overhaul:

Aircon Service vs Chemical Overhaul


Aircon Service

  • For normal home usage, this is required every 3 months
  • For most commercial units, this is required monthly or once every 2 months
  • No need to involve pumping up or pumping down the refrigerant (aircon gas)
  • No need to dismantle the fan coil unit
  • Usually takes less than half an hour to complete the task for each fan coil unit
  • The process involved brushing and vacuuming to remove dirt and contaminants
  • Cleaning and servicing is done onsite.
  • The easy-to-remove fan coil cover and synthetic air filter screen are removed and washed / rinsed with water
  • Cleaning involve only the areas exposed when fan coil cover and air filter screen are removed
  • No chemicals are used in the process of cleaning.  Only water is used

In general, Aircon Service is faster and cheaper but not for aircon units that are badly clogged and with other serious issues like foul smell emitting and aircon leaking water.  When this aircon is in this bad state, a Chemical Overhaul is required.


Chemical Overhaul

  • For normal home usage, this is required every 6 months or every 12 months depending on the operating environment and usage
  • For commercial units, different usage patterns and industries have different requirements for implementing regular chemical wash. For instance, offices will require relatively less attention as compared to commercial and other industrial facilities like shops, canteens, hospitals and other common areas.
  • This process is more involved and require higher skill level and experience as compared to normal Aircon Service.  The process involve the need to know how to remove the fan coil unit from the wall or ceiling, and then dis-assemble the unit into various component parts.  Eventually need to assemble and fix the unit back.
  • Will require pumping down and pumping up of the refrigerant (aircon gas)
  • Takes relatively longer time to clean, close to an hour to complete the process for each fan coil unit
  • Chemicals are used in addition to water to cleanse and remove the clogs, grime and fungi growth on all the surfaces and washable parts of the fan coil.Chemicals used are either alkaline or acidic based
  • Thorough washing with water of all chemically cleansed surfaces and parts are necessary thereafter
  • The job is usually best done offsite, i.e. the whole fan coil unit is removed from the wall or ceiling to facilitate thorough cleansing with chemicals
  • Chemical wash service is usually 4 to 6 times more expensive as compare to normal AC service

However, a chemical overhaul is deemed necessary as it can resolve the more serious issues like foul smell, air not cold, serious aircon water leaking or dripping, ice formation on the condenser or evaporator coil, etc.…

Of course, other mechanical or electrical/electronic issues will warrant parts replacement (i.e. AC Repair).


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