various types residential-office air-conditioners

Various Types of Residential and Office Air-Conditioners

Before engaging an aircon installation company to fix your cooling system, one needs to decide on the Type of Air-Conditioner System that best suits your need.

Various Types Residential-Office Air- Conditioners


Following list the various types of Residential-Office Air-Conditioners:


Room Air-Conditioner

Room air-conditioner usually cool just one area or one room .  The most common one is called the Window-Unit air-conditioner.   Owners oWindow Unit Air-Conditionerf older and rental HDB flats usually install this type of room air-conditioner.  The compressor, evaporator coils and condenser coils are all rolled into one compact unit which is usually installed on the bottom panel of the room’s window.  A strong steel bracket is used hold the unit.


window-casement airconAnother variant is called the Window-Casement air-conditioner. Compare to the Window Unit type, it is relatively easier to install.  It is usually installed on the side of the room window frame or sill.




Central Air-Conditioner

Central air-conditioner circulate the cool air through a system of Aircon Ducts.

central aircon ductThe supply duct carry the cool air from the main air-conditioner tower to the various parts of the building. The return duct then draws the circulated warm spent air from the building back to the main air-conditioner tower.  The process repeats itself.



Ductless, Mini-Split Systems

wall mounted multi-split air-conditioner
Wall mounted multi-split air-conditioner

Ductless, mini-split air-conditioner systems (commonly also known as Multi-Split Systems), are similar to the central air-conditioner system except they are smaller in scale in the machinery and the size of the supply ‘duct’.


The system comprises of:

  • An outdoor compressor or condenser
  • An indoor air-handling unit or fan coil unit which is commonly installed Wall-Mounted


Ceiling or Cassette Type Air-Conditioner
Ceiling or Cassette Type Air-Conditioner

Some are as installed Ceiling Mounted.  Also known as Cassette-Type Air-Conditioner






However, because Multi-Split Systems are “ductless,” they are often used in homes and smaller offices with non-ducted systems. Instead, a setup is present to connect the outdoor unit with the indoor unit.  This consisting of the electrical wires, tubings for the aircon gas and suction, and the condensate drain..

Most flats and apartments nowadays install the Multi-Split System to cool several rooms with just one outdoor compressor or condenser usually installed in the AC ledge.



What is “System-X”?

When selecting the Type of Air-Conditioner System,  we  often hear of “System-2” all the way to “System-5” air-conditioners.  What exactly does this refers to?   It is the ratio of 1 compressor to the number of fan coil unit it powers.   Please refer to the following table:


  • System-1: One outdoor unit powers 1 fan coil units (1 room
  • System-2: One outdoor unit powers 2 fan coil units (2 rooms)
  • System-3: One outdoor unit powers 3 fan coil units (3 rooms)
  • System-4: One outdoor unit powers 4 fan coil units (4 rooms)



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