inverter vs non inverter air conditioning systems


Inverter vs Non Inverter Air Conditioning Systems


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Inverter vs Non Inverter Air Conditioning Systems


inverter aircon systemFor Multi-Split Systems, one will also come across the terms  “inverter” and “non inverter” air-conditioning systems.

  • Inverter – variable output, higher initial investment but lower operating cost in the long run
  • Non Inverter – constant output, cheaper to but less energy efficient





Non Inverter air-conditioning system is designed to run at fixed speed and deliver a constant amount of output.  This means that the compressor need to constantly turn on and off in responsive to changing load.

On the other hand, Inverter air-conditioning system can adjust the speed of the compressor, delivering the cooling effect in response to a variable load.


In the market, they are “hybrid” inverter system where there 2 or more compressors in the system – that is:

  1. one  compressor to cater to one room operation, usually the largest room in the system
  2. the other compressor to 2 rooms in the case of a System-3 configuration.

For instance:

  • 1st compressor @8500btu for 1 room
  • 2nd compressor @12000btu for the other remaining 2 rooms (but each is only getting 6000btu). May under-deliver in instances when the aircon for the 2 rooms are switched on concurrently


In summary, the relative advantages of Inverter Systems over Non Inverters Systems are:

Inverter Air Conditioning System

  • Longer compressor lifespan
  • Much quieter operation as there are no frequent start-stop-start switching
  • More energy efficient, translating to lower running cost
  • It uses the newer and ozone friendly R410A refrigerant (vs the non-inverters that uses the R22 refrigerant)


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