Common Air-Conditioning Problems

Common Air-Conditioning Problems

Common Air-Conditioning Problems


One of the common air-conditioning problems arose mainly because of improper operation. Do not strain the aircon by ensuring that all doors and windows are properly sealed and shut.

Another air-conditioning problem may also arise due to bad and previous faulty installation, and can include:

  • Bad choice of System (System Mismatch)
  • Improper Pumping Up of refrigerant (over or under charging of aircon gas)
  • Installation done by unqualified technicians and done not in accordance to manufacturer specifications and guidelines.

Over time, this will result in improper drainage, leaking aircon ducts, bad air flow and below optimal operation of the system.  Energy usage will escalate.


Inadequate Maintenance

Do not put off the recommended periodic AC servicing and maintenance.  Delaying means allowing more stain, dusts and contaminants to adhere to the surfaces.  Air filters and air conditioning coils may become dirty, moldy & clogged.  The air-conditioner will not work optimally and thus put a strain on the compressor and other parts of the aircon system.  Premature system failure and hefty repair bills will result.
The following list some of the Common Air-Conditioning Problems that require a service by a trained & experienced aircon service and repair company:


Refrigerant Leaks & Undercharged

  • When the air-conditioner is low on aircon gas (refrigerant), the condition is either cause by Leakage or Undercharged at the installation stage
    If there is leak, adding more aircon gas is not a long-term solution.  The immediate solution is to get a qualified and trained technician to fix any leakage, pump up the gas and run a test.   Further repairs and rectifications may be need in the system to prevent a recurrence of the leakage.
    In the case of aircon gas undercharge, pumping up may solve the problem provided there is no further leakage in the aircon system and no other issues due to poor improper installation.
    One must note that the performance and efficiency of the air conditioner system will be at its optimal level only when the right amount of aircon gas is introduced into the system.  This must be in accordance to the respective manufacturer guidelines and specifications.
    Another point to add is that aircon gas leak is harmful to the environment.


Electric Control Failure

  • The aircon compressor and fan controls can be worn out prematurely especially when the air conditioner switches on and off too often.
  • Aircon electrical contact points and terminals may worn out over time.  This is attributed to corrosion and the air quality.  As such, a professional check is required periodically to ensure these are in serviceable condition.


Sensor Problems

  • Most room air conditioners rely on a thermostat sensor which is located behind the control panel to regulate its operation.  The function of the thermostat on is to measures the temperature of in-coming air to the fan coil. If the sensor has malfunctioned or knocked out of position, the air conditioner could behave erratically and not set to operate at its optimum levels.
  • The sensor is usually located near the fan coil but should be not touching it.  It could be adjusted into position by just lightly adjusting the wire that holds it in place.


Drainage Problems

  • In a dusty and humid operating environment, the condensate drain could be easily choked.  Improper or restrictive draining could result in air-conditioner leaking water.  If the room air conditioners are not mounted properly (i.e. level), it may not drain properly.



Service Link Blinking

If the aircon service light is blinking and the system switching off on its own, there may be some serious fault with the aircon unit. serious.

Try doing the following:

  • Switching off the entire system
  • Wait at least 5 seconds before switching on the system
  • Ensure the fan coil cover is properly closed.

If the blinking continues and systems again switches off on its own, contact your AC Repair technician immediately.  It may be due to some serious mechanical, electronic and electrical problems and some parts need replacement or overhaul.


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