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Besides deciding on the Types of Aircon and the various Aircon Brands, the following considerations are also equally important.


Tips on Choosing Air-Conditioners


The British Thermal Unit or BTU is widely used to measure cooling capacity.  A higher BTU equates to a higher cooling capacity.

An alternative measure is the Horsepower (HP) or Kilowatt (KW).

  • 1HP is about 9000BTU
  • 1 kW is about 3412BTU

BTU is an important selection criteria for aircon installation, the rating for the Fan Coil Unit (FCU). For instance, as a rough guide, you need:

12000 BTU FCU for a large master room

9000 BTU FCU for a smaller child’s or study room

18000 BTU for the large living & dining hall

In addition, the Compressor-Condenser Unit should also have the right match for the number of FCU it powers (e.g. System-5 for 5 FCUs) and the correct load, also expressed in BTU.




For Multi-Split Systems, there is a choice of “inverter” and “non-inverter” air-conditioning systems.  The inverter system runs on variable output, higher initial investment but lower operating cost in the long run. The non-inverter produces a constant output, cheaper to but less energy efficient

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Refrigerant or commonly known as “aircon gas” is a substance use in the cooling process for air-conditioners and refrigerators. It changes from gaseous state to liquid and back to gas.  In the process, it cools and dehumidifies the air.

Typically, there are 2 kinds of refrigerant – R22 and R410A.  Most newer aircon should be running on the Ozone friendly R410A refrigerant.  The older systems use the Ozone Depleting R22 which will be phased out soon, making it more expensive in the future.
R410A is more energy efficient as it cools faster and the systems that run on this refrigerant tend to be more heavy duty and thus quieter relative to the R22 refrigerant systems


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