Air-Conditioner Maintenance Tips

Air-Conditioner Maintenance Tips

Air-Conditioner Maintenance Tips



The Importance of Regular Aircon Maintenance

Following for your easy reference:  Air-Conditioner Maintenance Tips

It is a good practice to engage a professional aircon maintenance service company on a periodic contract basis.  A regular AC Maintenance Contract ensures that your aircon and cooling system are running at tip-top condition, effectively lowering your energy bill and extending the lifespan of the air-conditioner system.

Care and attention must be given to the aircon filters, fan coils, the fragile fins and the moving parts that require periodic maintenance and service.  Failure to do so will result in:

  • Aggravated damage to the aircon system & machinery which lead to expensive repairs
  • Need for a pre-mature Chemical Overhaul which is costly
  • Adversely affecting the efficiency and shortening the lifespan of the air-conditioning system
  • Experience unwanted putrid foul smelling air which is unhealthy for the occupants and staff

The above will result in a higher electricity bill besides experiencing stuffy air and aircon water leaking.


Air-Conditioner Maintenance Tips

Rong Jin Maintenance Services offer the following Air-Conditioner Maintenance Tips & Advice.


Air Conditioner Filters

Routine cleaning of the AC filters, at least fortnightly or monthly

Some AC filters must be replaced after a period (check with manufacturer recommendations)

Cleaning of aircon ducts & grills (for office & commercial central air-conditioner system)

In high usage and dusty greasy environment, the cleaning and replacement of the AC filters have to be carried out more frequently


Air Conditioner Fan Coils

Clean the AC fan coils regularly as the coils and fins collect dirt and other contaminants over a period of time.

This has to be carried at least every 3 months or less in the case of heavy usage.

Fungi growth may prevail after 12 months or more of aircon usage. Then a Chemical Overhaul is necessary.

The Outdoor condenser unit and the fins may accumulate dust, leaves and other vegetative matters.  This need to be removed to improve operating & cooling efficiency.

Another tip is to ensure that your outdoor unit is situated away from surrounding foliage and falling leaves.

If possible, install the outdoor unit away from the main stream greasy and dusty areas.


Coil Fins

The thin fragile aluminum fins on the evaporator and condenser coils are easily bent.  This can restrict airflow through the coil.  It will also trap dirt and a breeding ground for fungi growth.

In this respect, try using an aircon cleaning tools usually referred to as a “fin comb” that will clean and shaped these fins back into its condition.


Condensate Drains

Blocked drain channels and tray can prevent the aircon unit from reducing humidity, thus resulting in excess moisture in the rooms.  Besides feeling sticky, the prolonged high humidity may discolor walls or other furnishing including the carpeting. It is also a breeding ground for fungi growth

If is suggested that during the AC maintenance routine, use a stiff wire to pass through the unit’s drain channels and tray.


Window & Door Seals

This is often overlooked. Inspect and ensure that the gaps between the Windows and Doors are closed and in-place.

This is to ensure no energy leakage as wells as no warm humid and dirty air flowing into the air-conditioned rooms.


Another important Air-Conditioner Maintenance Tip:

Aircon Maintenance Contract

A good Aircon Maintenance Contract should cover the following areas:

  • Test for refrigerant (aircon gas) leaks using a reliable leak detector
  • Regular checks for refrigerant level, top-up if necessary
  • Check and ensure no leakage from windows and doors seals to prevent air-conditioned escaping or warm air being introduced into the room & system
  • Pressure test for system / duct leakage in the case of central and multi-split air-conditioning systems
  • Periodic measurement of the airflow through the AC evaporator coil
  • Ensure electric contact points and terminals are clean, secured / fastened and apply a non-conductive coating (to prevent contact point corrosion) if necessary
  • Periodic approved lubricants to be applied to the motors and other moving parts
  • Check for belts tension and wear.  A loosed slack belt may result in the motor running inefficiently
  • Check & ensure thermostat accuracy
  • Capture any refrigerant that need to be released from the system (DO NOT illegally releasing it into the environment as it is harmful to health and the environment)


With regular care and maintenance of your air-conditioning system, you will be assured of healthy air for your family members and staff, efficient running of the aircon machinery, avoidance unnecessary repair bills and lower energy usage.


Rong Jin Maintenance Services, your reliable Aircon Maintenanace Service Company.  Our team of professionally trained technicians will ensure that you jobs get done fast and neat.  Call us @ +6568172533 for Quote & for more Air-Conditioner Maintenance Tips



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